About the blog

The idea of this blog is to create a space for publications, translations, interesting links and other materials concerning topics from everyday life interpreted through a psychological and psychoanalytic perspective, but presented in a more practical and accessible way.

The topics that I write about and that interest me are very often neglected in psychological journals. What is even worse, they are often presented in an unnecessarily complicated manner as if to prop up the scientific status of psychology in the eyes of the public. It is becoming ever more difficult for the casual reader to recognize something tangible and truly relevant from the media and the press. There is a growing gap between what one hears from the experts and what one observers in his own everyday life.

Nevertheless, I am certain that there is a way for most of the ideas and concepts of psychology and psychoanalysis to be rendered intelligible and meaningful to a wide audience. I hope that the publications that I post would do exactly that – apply a certain understanding of our inner life in a practical, understandable and accessible way.